Welcome to all who receive and read the newsletter! I hope this day you and your loved ones are safe and well!

As we are all aware, the pro-life cause took a beating this election, especially in the race for the Senate and the Governor’s seat! Despite all of our efforts and prayers, many pro-abortion politicians were elected! The disappointment is real and saddens our hearts! Take comfort in Providence and know that God always protects and provides; He is always faithful to His word! We put all our trust in Him, because He is the one who creates and loves all His Creatures, and He will not be outdone in love and generosity! And also, only He can change hearts and we know He will do exactly that, but in His own time!

Abortion is no longer the law of the land and can be challenged in the courts of each individual State, as well it should be. This is because our Constitution does recognize the Right to Life as the “Preeminent Right”, a right that precedes all other rights! Therefore no one has the “right” to end an innocent human life, in the womb or otherwise!

When our laws reflect this truth, then we will truly be a Nation of Peace and Justice! Keep working for the Right to Life of the pre-born child!! Now that Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, our efforts must intensify in every sense because we are being attacked like never before! We are being attacked by many in the Abortion business, the Entertainment field, the Media and even Environmental Protection supporters who somehow believe they are doing the right thing by keeping abortion legal!

So, we have our work ahead, with God’s help we will be able to overcome all the lies the abortionist proclaim!

When you have a chance on a forum to speak or write about the horror of abortion and the harm it does to the individual (the child, the victim) and the mother who is convinced she needs an abortion; [this also extends to] the harm the procedure does to society itself. Be brave and speak out against it! If you cannot speak or write about it, ask someone you know to do it, like me or someone else who is active in our group. My name and number are always included in this newsletter! I am at your service when it comes to battling this grave injustice!

Have a very Merry, Blessed and Healthy Christmas and New Year and may God bless you and your loved ones abundantly! Ann E. Poole

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