Help Pregnant Women

URGENT ALERT:In a shocking move, Governor Josh Shapiro announced he plans to cancel the contract of Real Alternatives, which administers the program which funds pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies throughout the Commonwealth.

From the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation:

Dear Pro-life Friends,
Without this program, thousands of pregnant women across PA could lose the comprehensive support and counseling they need during their pregnancies – and an additional 12 months after giving birth.

Please spread the word as far and wide as possible. This is a crucial effort to save many lives, and your help is absolutely vital.

Thank you for your efforts,
Susan Rogacs, President of the Board


  1. FASTEST/EASIEST Send 2 pre-written emails to legislatures:
    • Email your state representative and/or state senator by clicking here -just a couple minutes. You could also call them and ask them to please ensure that Real Alternatives’ contract is renewed, so that pregnant women will receive the vital services they need. Live near by? Schedule a meeting with your lawmakers to discuss Real Alternatives.
    • Please send another pre-written email to two Democrats who have voted pro-life in the past by clicking here to email Rep. Anita Kulik and Rep. Frank Burns.
  2. Make important phone calls:
    • Please call Governor Shapiro’s office 717-787-2500 and ask that he reverse his decision to cancel Real Alternatives’ contract.
    • Please call our two Pennsylvania Democrats Rep. Anita Kulik 717-783-3780 and Rep. Frank Burns 717-772-8056.
    • Have time to make a few more calls? Click on Who for the PA legislative leaders to call and their phone numbers.
  3. Send a letter to the editor for your local newsletter. Click on 3 Sample Letters, which you personalize as you wish.
  4. Share our social media posts on Facebook and X (Twitter). Go to
  5. Circulate a petition (click here) at your pro-life activities and among your friends.
  6. Click on Churches for church bulletin, email blast, or newsletter articles.
  7. Encourage your local talk radio host to talk about our Real Alternatives Challenge. Here are 3 air radio spots to choose from:

Thank you for your help in taking these critical actions. Pregnant women throughout Pennsylvania are counting on you!

Do you know of anyone who has been served by a Real Alternatives center? Encourage them to contact Remil at, our PA Education Director, to share their stories (can be done anonymously) so we can share them with you

3 Sample Letters to the Editor: (Personalize as you wish…)

Dear Editor,
I call upon Governor Josh Shapiro to reverse his decision to cancel the Commonwealth’s contract with Real Alternatives. If the Governor is truly an advocate for women, he will not end the very program, which assists pregnant women at their time of need. Women throughout Pennsylvania have received critical counseling and material goods to help them at a most vulnerable time in their lives.

Governor Shapiro, do the right thing—and help pregnant women in challenging circumstances.

Dear Editor,
I write to ask the Shapiro Administration to renew Real Alternatives’ contract. Go to the Real Alternatives website at and see for yourself the success of the program they have administered in Pennsylvania for decades.

Pregnant women across the Commonwealth depend on this program and the vital services it provides. We owe it to those women to continue the Commonwealth’s relationship with Real Alternatives, a partnership that has become a model for the rest of the nation.

Dear Editor,
Pregnant women are being put at great risk by the Shapiro Administration. That is because of the Governor’s announcement that he plans to cancel Real Alternatives’ contract. Real Alternatives runs a program, which has ably served women across Pennsylvania for decades. Many have been able to turn their lives around as a result of the caring support they receive at Real Alternatives centers.

I implore the Governor to reconsider his decision. Pregnant women and their families are counting on him!

Ask our PA General Assembly leaders to please ensure that Real Alternatives’ contract is renewed, so that pregnant women will receive the vital services they need.

Here are the numbers we need to call:
Senator Pro Tempore: PA Senator Kim Ward
(717) 787-6063 Hbg, (724) 600-7002, local

Senate Majority Leader: PA Senator Joe Pittman
(717) 787-8724 Hbg, (724) 357-0151, local

Senator Appropriation Chairman: PA Senator Scott Martin
(717) 787-6535, Hbg, (717) 397-1309, local

House Minority Leader: PA Representative Brian Cutler
(717) 783-6424 Hbg, (717) 284-1965, local

House Minority Appropriations Chair: PA Representative Seth Grove
(717) 783-2655 Hbg, (717) 767-3947, local

Please call Governor Shapiro’s office and ask that he reverse his
decision to cancel Real Alternatives’ contract. The number to call is: