Welcome to all who receive and read this Newsletter! This is indeed a great day for us and for the Pro-Life movement! The much-anticipated Supreme Court Ruling regarding the validity of the infamous Supreme Court Ruling of Roe vs. Wade of January 22, 1973 had been leaked to the public. Justice Samuel Alito has written a “Majority Opinion” in essence saying that the 1973 ruling had no legal standing under the law! As people of Life and of Justice, we have held this opinion all along. Now it is officially upheld! This opinion is long overdue by 49+ years, with over 64+ million lives lost to abortion. We congratulate this present Supreme Court on understanding what their duty is and that duty is, upholding the law as it is and not attempting to legislate from bench. Now the issue of abortion will go back to the individual States to uphold old laws or enact new laws regarding life.

The other side is reeling, stating the Roe vs. Wade has been way for the last 49 years (a prescient) and cannot be overturned; This is forgetting that the preamble of the Declaration of Independence assures the right to Life as fundamental and the U.S. Constitution as written in 1787 says nothing about anyone’s right to abortion. They have vowed that they will pass laws that will “codify” abortion rights! They are already gathering their troops and demonstrating in every city, in front of the Supreme Court and even in front of individual Justices’ Homes ( these justices are in agreement of the new ruling). They act very angry, and some of them are most likely capable of violence. What can we, or should I say, what should we do now? Clearly the debate is not over, it is only beginning. We should continue to pray to God to change the hearts of may people who do not recognize the humanity and uniqueness of the pre-born child; [This child is] made by God in love. Also, we must take action and write Letters to the Editor in our local papers as never before. [We must always be] stating everything we know to be true, good, holy and just, regarding the right to life of the pre-born child. [ We should also be] stating that we are not abandoning women, but offering them true help in a time of need [and] remembering that no one has the right to take another person’s life. In a crisis, there are Crisis Pregnancy Centers that help in meeting their needs.

Keep in touch with our lawmakers, both State and Federal and [ we should ] write or call them on a regular basis asking they vote Pro-Life. Get involved with local Pro-Life Group that assist mothers and families [and] groups that attempt to educate others on the value of life. Be generous with your time and talent and ask God what he wants you to do!

May God bless you and your loved ones abundantly!

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